Products range

We provide a wide range of products and are able to manage several formats from all vials suppliers. Ether you want to provide us your own products or you want us to supply vials, we are able to meet with your specific needs.

Pyrogene-free vials

We offer a standard vials range
for your urgent needs

CollarSize & Type of vialsSupplierNumber of Vials per package
13 mm2RSchott®248
20 mm6RSchott®132
20 mm10RSchott®109
20 mm20RSchott®63


As an additional offer, we also provide
stoppers, caps and transfer kits

Pyrofree Eurofins Amatsigroup Sterile Stoppers

Sterile Stoppers

We currently have two kind of sterile stoppers in storage

  • 13 mm Stoppers, Flurotec® (WEST)

    150 units / packages

  • 20 mm Stoppers, Flurotec® (WEST)

    150 units / packages

  • Other suppliers & formats Upon request

Pyrofree Eurofins Amatsigroup Sterile Caps

Sterile Caps

To complete our offer, we are also able to provide you sterile caps.

Pyrofree Eurofins Amatsigroup Transfer Kit

Optional transfer kit

The transfer kit contains a transfer tool and a guide set. It has been designed to transfer Pyrofree® vials from its packaging to the aseptic filling line easily without any damages. It can be used under isolator or laminar flow.

Before use, it needs to be cleaned and sterilized as follow:

  • Cleaning

    Bag PA/EvOH/PE: Alcohol
    Transfer Tool and Guide Set: Cleaning with WFI at 80°C, Or Nonabrasive soft detergent, Or Alcohol.

  • Sterilization

    Sterilization in autoclave 121°C / 20 min in a double Tyvek® bag.
    (10 cycles validated in autoclave)
    VHP Decontamination in a double Tyvek® bag.

Download our flyer to read more about Pyrofree®


Donwload our procedure to learn how to use our transfer kit