Key Features

Pyrofree® is a unique solution providing ready-to-use empty glass vials depyrogenated and sterilized for your filling process. Thanks to unique packaging technology the vials are depyrogenated and sterilized by dry heat into their primary packaging and under vaccum.

The Pyrofree® process results in ready-to-use vials which can be used for the filling of injectable drugs without using washing and depyrogenation equipment from the filling line.

& Benefits

The first Sterile, Pyrogen Free and Ready To Use vial in a tamper evident packaging.

Unique Innovative process

  • Biological synthesis & analysis secured
  • Safety use in human studies, suitable for injections

Single-use pyrogen free vials

  • Investment cost saving
  • Accelerated time to market

Patented packaging technology

  • Sterilization process without any contamination due to mechanical properties & biocompatibility of PEEK polymer

Triple packaging

  • Sterility and absence of pyrogen guarantees
  • Storage and production flow steps possible until the use
Pyrofree Eurofins Amatsigroup Packaging


Pyrofree® vials are suitable for many applications.

The use of Pyrofree® improves security against damage, particles generation, and endotoxin contamination, from the vials preparation to their use in the production area.

Pyrofree® vials offer the opportunity to work with the final packaging from the development of your product to clinical stages.

Our products are suitable for cellular therapies developments and fit with technical and GMP batches for early stage development through to clinical and commercial development.

The applications are numerous, whether you want to develop a diagnostic, medical device, sterile injectable or a highly potent product.


Format Units per batch
Vials - 0,3mL to 50mL Up to 14,600 units
Ampoules Up to 5,400 units
Cartridges, tubes, etc. Dependant on batch size
Stoppers In small quantities